And All Free Today!

Here’s the perfect character that represents Barack Obama: The “Child Catcher” from the 1968 film “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.”




It’s much better than the Jim Jones analogy the pundits have used lately … “swallowing the Kool-Aid” and all that. But Obama’s redistribution of wealth from hard workers to people who aren’t paying any taxes (not to mention liberal social policy) represents change that’s probably more deadly in the long run.


The Child Catcher (and Obama), are charming (wow, doesn’t Barack shine) and both are so incredibly appealing, especially from the din of the toymaker’s basement. (And aren’t we in the din of an economic basement right now)? The lilt of his voice, along with the enchanting music…


“Here we are children. Come and get your lollipop!”

“Lollipop! Ice Cream! Chocolate! All free today!”

“I’ve brought some lovely goodies for you.”

Then the Child Catcher sees little Jeremy and Jemima, looks them right in the eye, and turns on the syrupy voice (and isn’t Obama smooooth).

“Cherry pies. Cream puffs. Ice cream. Trinkle tarts.”


Trinkle Tarts. Oops. Hooked him. Buh-bye, Jeremy; You can’t see it yet, but you’re about to be trapped by your own desire for change. Running for the door, he shouts, “Come on!” (Can’t you hear throng’s of Obama supporters cheering “come on?”) For just a second, his sister Jemima is thinking clearly as Jeremy runs to the window, “But Jeremy, Truly said we mustn’t, and to stay here.” And then he gives ultimate plea to his sister (and unsuspecting fence-walkers all across Voterville), “We’ll get Truly some as well! Come on!” Then she caves in so she can get hers. Have you heard Obama tell you how you’re going to get yours? Oh, you’ll get yours all right.


The Child Catcher lures the kiddies with candy (wow that’s a change from the usual diet). And they were so hungry. (I’m sure the kids were hoping for change). The townspeople are all holed up in their houses, terrified of the playful yet sinister villain who has already taken their kids (representing their life force; their very future). You’d think they’d blast out and take him on with overwhelming numbers, set the kids free, and get their lives back. Nope, they’ve been brainwashed, and conditioned into just taking whatever meager leftovers the king tosses them. And the kids, of course, fall into the trap, and are hauled away to the dungeon while the Child Catcher cackles and cracks the whip. Once you’re in the cage, Child Catcher’s gonna take you where he wants to. And the democratic horse team of “House” and “Senate” are going to help him.



 Just a little review, in case you need a few reasons to reject the Child Catcher:

  • The economy – our biggest issue – doesn’t need more government interference, a la Obama. Every expert out there says we have just borrowed more against ourselves, and if we don’t fix the problems, another – bigger – drop is coming. Let’s not forget: Obama’s financial advisors are the heads of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac! And they drove those institutions into the ground. We need to reject the liberal idea of “Have a heart! Give loans to everyone, even if they cant afford them.” We’ll have to tighten the belt (drastic spending cuts) too. Obama has proposed billions in new spending!
  • Islamofascists – our biggest national threat – don’t want more money, special treatment, or political recognition; they want Islam to rule the world. It’s an ideology – like Nazism – that is fast coming over the horizon. Obama (a la Neville Chamberlain) wants to talk with them. “We give up” is all they want to hear. McCain will stand up to them, protect our nation, and say, “not on my watch.”
  • Health care doesn’t need to be nationalized. It hasn’t worked in Canada, it hasn’t worked in France or any socialist country either, and competition is the only thing that keeps our system sharp. If you want crappy care, dictated to you but fully paid for, then Obama’s your man. The system can be fixed, but only a free market approach (like McCain suggests) will help us continue to be the best healthcare system in the world.
  • Values. If you haven’t noticed, nearly all democrats (Obama included) are for “anything goes.” Gay marriage, abortion on demand (and in Illinois Obama supported killing babies that survive abortion), assisted suicide, and acquiescing to local Islamic sharia law requests, not to mention Obama’s loose ties to terrorists and America haters  …These are not family values. McCain,  Palin, and – generally speaking – the republicans have standards.
  • Extreme social policy. Tied to value, of course. Remember, Obama was ranked within his own party as “the most liberal senator in the senate.” The most liberal. Barack does not think like “Main Street.” He lives on the far edge of Left Avenue. With a democratic house and senate, and Barack at the presidential helm, he will gleefully steer the USS Constitution into the perfect storm, and he’ll be smiling the Child Catcher smile as we ride the waves.


Of course, eventually, the children are freed, but only after dad and Truly have the guts to do what’s right. Thank heavens they didn’t fall for the candy.




Watch the Child Catcher here:








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