Connecting the Dots

The think I liked most about “connect the dots” as a kid was the point where you connect enough of the dots to have the “ah ha!” moment where you discover the big picture. Sometimes you can tell roughly what the picture is going to be ahead of time, but sometimes you have to just connect all the numbers or letters until you get that joy of discovery.


I’ve experienced that this week with regard to Obama.


It started with the estimated 63 million in undisclosed “individual contributions” that have come in to the Obama campaign from outside sources. Connect that dot to the fact that terrorists openly support Obama and he’s glad to take their illegal support (33 thousand Obama T-shirts sold in Palestine)! It’s not because he’ll talk with them; it’s because he’s a pushover and they know it. Speaking of pushover, Obama openly supported the Kenyan socialist thug Raila Odinga, and in 2006 Obama went to Kenya to support the bloody Islamic uprising against Odinga’s rival, (and legal winner of the election), Mwai Kibaki and Kibaki’s (largely Christian) followers. Connect that with Obama’s comments to “Joe the Plumber” about “spread[ing] the wealth around” and connect that with 800 billion in new spending in a time of economic crisis and the stated desire for the government take over of health care and Medicare, and you should have all the dots connected to draw a picture of the most liberal swing toward socialism that the US has ever seen.


I may not like the war in Iraq, or even George Bush, but I really don’t like the idea of a Socialist States of America.


The clear picture that becomes apparent when you connect all these dots is that he intends to give away the farm – the greatness that is the United States of America – in favor of making our country more like the downtrodden European ones. Why do you think that Europe supports Obama? He’s going to appease Islamic jihadists, for starters, and you see how well that works in France, England, Spain, and Denmark. He wants to make us more like them, and they’re just giddy that he thinks so much of them as to transport the US into the morass that they are! And people in this country will likely vote themselves a big fat package of benefits for themselves, funded NOT by taxes on big corporations, but really through higher prices that will need (for survival of the confiscatory Obama tax rates) to be passed back on to the people who voted to stick it to the rich guy.


There IS a tipping point in the downfall of democracies, listed here. It’s when voters discover they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury. Blue state constituents have already figured that out. As soon as democrats get enough illegal aliens on their rolls who can vote for more democrats to give them all the freebies they could never hope for in their own countries of origin, then republicans – who believe in the morality of working hard, individual rights, lower taxes for all, liberating people from the welfare state through opportunity (not a handout) – will never be voted for again. And the USA as we know it will die.


Considering that if Obama is elected president, he will have a democratic majority in the house and possibly a supermajority in the senate, and the fact that he will install one or two judges to the Supreme Court, there will be nothing to stop our slide into dependency and bondage.


I’ve connected the dots on this one, and I don’t like the picture at all.


Please vote for McCain / Palin.




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