Suspending Disbelief: The Magic of Watching Barack Obama

When you watch a movie, one of the key elements of a good movie is that it takes you into that (pretend) world and helps your mind “suspend disbelief” for an hour and a half. With modern graphics technology, you can imagine that Peter Pan can fly. You temporarily believe that there is a moon-sized space station called “The Death Star.” You can be transported anywhere in time, and become a part of it, whether it’s reality or not. A clever director and talented producer will give your brain permission to “suspend disbelief” in order to give you the entertainment ride of your life.


This is what has to be happening with Obama supporters, because there are far too many unbelievable disqualifications to believe this candidate could be elected president by reasonable freedom-loving people.


You can read the following list of disqualifications, but the amazing part is that Obama followers choose to continuously “suspend disbelief” for all of it. And they are getting quite the entertainment value out of it. The fast rising star of the Democratic Party is like Samuel Jackson or Harrison ford (the #2 and #1 movie grossing actors of all time): he can do no wrong. A huge list of alarming items is repeatedly trumped by “hope” and “change.” After reading the following list, splash some cold water on your face, engage “disbelief” once again, and remind yourself that although our founding fathers would’ve welcomed any (qualified) citizen to run for President, they would have never supported someone who so openly espouses anti-American ideals.

  1. Obama has no personal accomplishments that he can point to and say, “I did that!”
  2. Obama’s inexperience: Joe Biden, his own running mate, said (about Obama), “the presidency doesn’t lend itself to on-the-job training.”
  3. He is rated by the senate’s own ranking system as “the most Liberal” senator; Joe Biden is rated third. This is not “Main Street” thinking.
  4. Terrorists support Obama. Millions of them. 33,000 Obama T-shirts have been sold in Palestine. It’s not because he’ll “talk” with them, it’s because McCain wont let their doublespeak walk all over him.
  5. Up to 63 million in non-U.S. campaign contributions. Are oil rich Islamic monarchies helping to pick the United States president? Obama’s camp will not disclose the names.
  6. ACORN: Far from a one-time voter registration decades ago, Obama has been involved with ACORN for years, represented them as their lawyer (and boy do they need it), and he once gave them a $183,000 donation.
  7. Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Do you really believe that Obama sat for twenty years in front of this Anti-American, “Black Liberation Theology” preacher, and didn’t get anything from it?
  8. Terrorist William Ayers. Again, Ayers is not some person Obama barely knows. Obama’s campaign was started in Ayers’ living room! Obama wrote parts of his first book on Ayers’ dining room table. Obama wrote a glowing review about one of Ayers’ books.
  9. Loose comment number 1: the people in Pennsylvania who “cling to religion and guns.”
  10. Loose comment number 2: “57 states”
  11. Loose comment number 3: “if we spread the wealth around it’s good for everybody,” clearly showing his socialist redistribution-of-wealth desires for the (soon to be former) land of the free.
  12. Biden assures us a worldwide crisis because Obama is elected. I doubt the world would “test” McCain. McCain has been tested, and the world knows his tough stance without having to make him “prove it.”
  13. 800 Billion proposed in new spending at a time when we are in a financial crisis. (John McCain wants a spending freeze, which is what any responsible person does when they run out of funds). Which brings me to
  14. Obama’s new taxes on “the rich” and “only businesses.” Which is great unless you work for a business or buy products from a business. We’re going to end up paying dearly for Obama’s “Robin Hood” scheme.
  15. Obama’s tax rebates to people who don’t pay any taxes. This is in reality a huge welfare increase.
  16. Obama’s desire to sit down with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad without preconditions (which gives legitimacy to his terrorist ways) and talk with him. Ahmadinejad himself has said there is nothing to talk about except for us to submit to Islam. He has also said he doesn’t care if the world goes up in smoke because Muslims will go to heaven, and infidels will go to hell. He has also vowed to “wipe Israel off the map” at the first chance he gets. And Obama wants to “talk” with him.
  17. Obama wants to triple foreign aid (in our time of economic freefall)!
  18. The “most liberal senator” Obama, more tax and spend, the total of Obama’s desired spending is almost 1 trillion!
  19. Foreign policy experience: Senator Obama has none! He went to Iraq only after starting his run for president. Joe Biden – Obama’s foreign policy “expert” – voted against the first gulf war, for the 2nd, and against the surge (that worked). Biden suggested Iraq be split up into 3 countries too (a la Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia, and look what a hell hole that turned out to be).
  20. Obama has the same “change” speech that Jimmy Carter brought to the White House, and we can all agree that Carter wasn’t really cut out for the job either.


 Hey, I’m not a Bush fan, and McCain wasn’t my first choice, but


This is not the agent of “change” I “hoped” for. I just can’t believe it, can you?


One Response to Suspending Disbelief: The Magic of Watching Barack Obama

  1. paulrevere2 says:

    I forgot to add
    21. Energy. McCain vows to build new nuclear plants and drill here in the US in order to break our Islamic-oil habit. We are truly funding Jihad against ourselves, and McCain wants us to be free. Obama (several times) has said, “well LOOK at that option.” Translation: as the farthest left liberal, there is NO WAY you’ll see nuclear energy OR new oil wells if I’m president.

    22. Obama’s support of his cousin’s bloody uprising – with Islamic help – against the legally elected president of Kenya. Unfortunatly, cousin Raila succeeded too. Is it time for bloody uprisings against Republicans. At least Bill had the decency to pick ’em off quietly one by one.

    Im sure there’s more. Feel free to add if you’re inclined. Or share with me how you “suspend disbelief” for this unbelievably unqualified candidate for president.

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