Barack Beats Bush in Bad Economics

On the biggest issue this election, which presidential candidates proposed economic plan is most likely to continue George Bush’s “failed policies?”


If you go by the rhetoric, you’d swear it was McCain that would continue the Bush policies. But it’s not; Barack Obama’s economic plan most resembles not just “more of the same tired Bush economic policies, but really MORE of the same tired Bush economic policies.


Follow me for a minute:


When faced with an economic challenge in your own house, what’s the best way to get out of it?

a)     Stop spending? Or

b)     use your credit cards to buy the stuff you “need?”


You already know the answer, and you know the candidate that plans to whip out the plastic (in our time of dire economic circumstances). Yet half the country thinks Obama has answer to our economic troubles! Half the country thinks Obama’s “whip out the plastic” solution is best.


What is the biggest problem with Bush economics over the last 8 years?


It’s what it always is: the spending. Yep, Bush managed most money things pretty good except the spending. Bush’s wild spending was the real downside of his economic policies.


And Barack wants 800 billion more in spending. Where is this going to take us? Further into the hole. In case you haven’t noticed – just like glancing at your own checkbook – we (the US) don’t have the money. Barack is set to charge us more into the hole.


McCain said he wants a spending freeze. Then McCain wants to surgically remove the worst parts of government spending that should probably be done by the private sector (more efficiently, no doubt) anyway.


If you want MORE than “8 more years of Bush” then you definitely want Obama.

If you want true fiscal responsibility, vote McCain / Palin.





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