Why Obama? (I Was Wrong)


I was wrong.


This was really not an election for positive “hope” or “change;” This election was the final nail in the coffin of Bush 43’s presidency. Or should I say the final deafening peal of a few million angry railroad spikes being driven in to his coffin.


Because Americans are (usually) pretty smart. Americans in their right mind would never vote for


·        not just a “far” left candidate, but the farthest left candidate, who is on record consistently over time to support the “change” to socialist-styled wealth redistribution

·        gigantic spending increases in a time of financial crisis (indeed, that is what Bush did), and Obama supporters unwittingly voted for not just “MORE of the same,” but LOTS MORE of the same.

·        someone so blatantly against traditional – Godly – values

·        someone who by Joe Biden’s own words will be tested soon, and found wantingsomeone who doesn’t even know the nature of the enemy.

·        the least qualified presidential candidate ever, just because they want to see the milestone (and for whites: to overcome decades of slavery guilt).


Question: So why Obama?


Answer: Blind rage (against Bush).


America, Bush will be leaving the white house on January 20, 2009, no matter who won the election. I know many were swayed by Obama’s charm and smooth talkin’ slogans. Sure made for good sound bites. But for you angst-filled-Bush-bashers: couldn’t you at least wipe the sweat away from your red-hot fury-filled head to see clearly enough to vote for the wise choice?


I guess not. And I’m confident the shock of the president most people voted for will be felt at the very dawning of the Obama presidency. And wise Americans will help the pendulum swing back to the sane side with four years of chanting the new campaign slogan, “what have we done?”


In states across this great nation, Republican Senatorial and House candidates and Gubenatorial candidates were creamed with TV ads that stated they were “just like Bush” (whether they were or not didn’t matter; Bush hatred is a winning bandwagon). And of course Barack Obama himself pounded hard on the theme of “say ‘no’ to more of the same tired old Bush policies” theme, even though Obama proposes ancient economic democratic idiocy that will be far worse than Bush. The “hate Bush” tactic worked. Obama won not with superior ideas, but through the power of hate. I thought people in this country were smarter than that.


Yes, I was wrong.

Not about Obama,

but about the level of intense hatred  (I thought we were better than that)  and the power of harnessing intense hatred to spur an unqualified candidate on to victory – against someone who isn’t even running for president.





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