Christ IS allowed in Christmas

Teacher: “we can’t discuss these types of things in school”


A World Net Daily Article (“No, Christ Isn’t Allowed in Christmas”) told of Andrew White of Thames Elementary in Mississippi who, when promped to write a poem, chose “what Christmas means to me,” and that poem happened to include, “Jesus.”


Good for Andrew. You go guy!


Andrew’s parents and the non-profit Liberty Counsel jumped in to intervene, the principal concurred that Andrew was in his rights to write what he did, and Andrew got 100% on this assignment.


Are we losing our bearings, people?


Teachers cannot promote one religion over another in public schools, but students are pretty much constitutionally free to do whatever they want within the limits of any given assignment. And actually, teachers are allowed to state some facts about given religions, as long as they don’t appear to be promoting one over the other. But In California in particular, they appear to be violating this one left and right, making students participate in “Islamic awareness activities,” that only paint Muslims in the best light. Praise Allah they only read the “peaceful” verses (and most of the Qur’an is not peaceful). Some have been made to memorize parts of the Qur’an in order to get a serious vibe on Muslim life. It barely made the news, and no one was fired. But if they were made to quote the 23rd Psalm or memorize the 10 commandments, I’m sure the ACLU would be banging down the door with duct tape for teachers mouths and demanding pink slips for the offenders.


The assignment “Write a poem” means (especially so close to Christmas) some students might actually write about Jesus. Teachers – even you atheist teachers – had better get used to it.


Fortunately my own kids have not run up against this skewed worldview – were only non-Christians can have a say – at their own public schools. Without my prompting at all, I know “Jesus” has showed up on more than one of their papers, and one of my kids has brought up “Jesus” in discussion groups.


Isn’t that great. I’m not afraid of discussion, but for some reason, non-Christians (and particularly atheists) are absolutely afraid to let “Jesus” be said anywhere. Why are they so afraid?


Know what? Christmas is almost here. Collectively, most Americans are celebrating the birth of Jesus from just over 2,000 years ago. Say it loud, say it proud. And if you’re not a public school employee, say it in school if you want. Here’s the text of Andrew’s original poem, entitled “A Great Christmas”:


The best Christmas ever is when everyone is there.

It is when everyone is laughing here and there.

That is the Christmas I want to share.

Christmas is about Jesus’ birth.

About peace on Earth.

This is what Christmas is about. It is when He lay in a manger.

And the three wise men come to see.

That’s what it means to me.



Merry Christmas!


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