Stop Senators from Squandering Your Money


The house passed a 800 billion “stimulus” (really subsidy) package. There are BILLIONS of YOUR dollars going to pet projects. Nancy Pelosi promised that she wouldn’t add pork to bills in this new “age of transparency.” Check it:

and then she promptly broke that promise. She’s included 227 million just for oversight of the pork projects (page 11 of the bill). In short: she lied.

Now that the bill is in the Senate, they’re piling on as well, and getting totally drunk with money – your money – that is supposed to jump start the economy.


Let’s not forget that we don’t really have the money¸ and all of this big government blowout is going to have to be accomplished with debt, and we will have to pay for it way beyond your lifetime, and it will weaken our dollar, etc. Obama promised us newfound ethics and transparency in government. This is really the most irresponsible congress ever. We’re in crisis for heaven’s sake! This is NOT the time to blow the bank, and for senators to “buy all the stuff we’ve ever wanted!”


This bill needs to be trimmed severely, or scrapped altogether.


Call you Senator. The capitol switchboard is 1-202-224-3121.


Tell them enough is enough.


One Response to Stop Senators from Squandering Your Money

  1. rjjrdq says:

    America voted for it, America gets it. I’m just sorry I have to see it.

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