Too Much To Tackle!

Now that day 50 of the ObamaNation has passed, there is so much being blasted through, I doubt we can digest it all until it gives us indigestion. Just the same, I offer you some antacid in the form of some brief commentary on a few of the articles of our time. These things could be devastating to our republic and freedom-loving people everywhere. Of course, the socialists in the White House and those who fawn over him (including the lamestream media), will swear that all these things are needed, or if Obama policy fails, that we just didn’t do more (with more of your money, and more irresponsible debt). Here we go:


Employee Free Choice Act, or “Card Check.”  This is far from “free choice.” It is so misnamed, because the net result of the passage of this bill would be to take away the private voting rights for union workers that are currently in place. Union bosses spent 61 million to elect Obama, and this is their payback. Yet taking the private vote away means only one thing: left leaning union bosses will use this to intimidate workers or potential workers and force them to cower under their liberal (and company killing) agenda. A survey shows that 77% of Democrats are against this! (and 88% republicans, 79% independents). Obama supporter Warren Buffet is against this! It’s not too late on this one! Please make sure our congress does what is right: (and give in to big labor strongarm tactics). You can sign the American Solutions petition here to voice your opposition, or contact your congresspeople, and local media (see below).


Ressurection of the “Fairness Doctrine.” (Article here) This is nothing but a democratic power grab, because conservative talk radio is thriving, making sense, and does a very effective job of making stupid liberal policies look bad. So they want a debate to defend their superior ideas, right? NO WAY! Because their socialist ideas have already been proven wrong time after time after time. And the liberal agenda is daily transcribed straight out of the White House anyway by the lamestream media. Good thing that Obama doesn’t support the Fairness Doctrine. I hope he has the guts to veto it – if it ever comes his way. This is not quite a killed deal. Senators have voted it down 87-11. Please weigh in with your rep’s, so they know you support free speech, and not government regulated speech. The Fairness Doctrine was formed in 1949 when there were limited media options, the FCC wanted to be sure that many voices were heard. There is no doubt that at this time we have the most media options in the history of the world, so the “un-Fairness Doctrine” (scrapped under Reagan for being unenforceable anyway), is just plain stupid. And lets not even get into the fact that liberals run 87% of the lamestream media. 6% are neutral, and the 7% that is conservative is absolutely thriving.


D.C. Voting Rights. Our founding fathers specifically set up the constitution so that those living in the seat of power (Washington D.C.) would not have undue sway over the politics of the nation. In essence, they wanted the living area of elected officials to be neutral. Currently this bill is bogged down because of an amendment. (Read more here). Would you please contact your congresspeople (below) to ensure that it doesn’t escape and accidentally get passed? This is an unconstitutional back door democrat power grab (since DC is heavily democratic). This would be a travesty, it really would!


Welfare Reform Revision. Bill Clinton did it right (yes, you’re not reading a typo). Clinton revised welfare during his time as president, most notably requiring welfare recipients to either work (some) or be looking for work. The compassOnate one has decided (through the Screw-u-lous Package) to reverse this: in these tough economic times, you can now sit on your butt and collect taxpayer money for nothin’. The key to turning our economy around is people working. Even Obama said the key is “jobs.” Yet providing a disincentive to work is anti-stimulus, and encourages more “couch sitting.” Welfare was always meant to be temporary; A momentary hand out / help up while you get back on your feet and get going again. It’s ridiculous to think that we can reward people for doing nothing and have a thriving economy. It’s too late for this one, but you could always call in your disagreement, or call your local congresspeople in your state to tell them you don’t want that policy implemented in your neck of the woods.


Overseas abortions. Hey, that’s what Americans voted for, right? Your taxpayer money now funds overseas abortions. Too late for this one, it was an executive order signed in his first week in office.


Federal Funding for Stem Cell Research. Yep, the big O reversed that one too. Mustn’t let all those millions of abortions go to waste now, right? It’s the plus side of killing the unborn, and you’re paying for it. That is what Americans voted for.


How about Terrorism? Go here for more.


Oh and one more side note, Obama signed a 410 Billion Dollar Omnibus Spending Bill today. That’s on top of the 787 Billion in the Screw-u-lous package. Wheee! We are merrily spending ourselves into a hole! Well, if you gotta go out – and that is what we’re doing – might as well go out in style: Hey Barack! Charge up a vacation for every American while you’re at it! Now that would get some support. “Free Vacations: Vote Democrat!”


I just can’t type fast enough to keep up with our slide into socialism. But I’m going to try, because I still believe in right and wrong.


You can always contact your representatives:

·         Call your representatives: U.S. Capitol switchboard: 1-202-224-3121.

·         Write your representatives. You can get contact information here by entering your zip code on the left side, and various contact information pops up.

Be sure to be firm and kind, so they hear you but don’t write you off.


And I always recommend contacting your local media (TV, radio, or even print media) about these issues.


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