Oepn Letter to My Senator on Healthcare

Dear Senator,


I have indeed signed up for you updates on Healthcare (following the link off the email you sent).  I am reluctant to “share my story” because I don’t think these stories will be used in the way I would like them to.


Given the heavy handed socialistic “down your throat,” methods used by the Obama administration, and the fact that your democratic record votes nearly in lock step with Obama’s agenda, I think stories will be “pick and choosed” to support a government takeover of healthcare, much like the slick ABC “Obama Health” special this week; no dissenting views are allowed! And I most certainly do NOT want government healthcare(in ANY form). Government has NEVER done anything more efficiently than the private sector – and except for the military (“provide for the common defense”) – I don’t WANT any further “takovers” of private institutions by government. Our current “government” healthcare system – the VA – costs 25% more than their private sector counterparts. I see no reason that “nationalized healthcare for all” will do any better. Please do all you can to stop this.


I also have a different take on what is driving the outrageous healthcare costs that, yes, my family … suffers from as well. At least we have some form of healthcare insurance …


The right way to reform our current system is twofold:


First, we need to reward good healthcare choices. Please consider Safeway’s response to rising healthcare, which rewards employees for preventative care, and for good health decisions. (One link here, but type “Safeway Healthcare” into Google for more). Employees who don’t smoke and maintain a healthy weight are rewarded with lower healthcare premiums. This encourages Safeway employees to make better decisions: for their health and for their wallet. Fat smokers can still get insurance through Safeway, but it will cost them a bit more. This is fair and it is the way it should be. And it naturally (not using “big brother” government) encourages people in a healthy direction, which is good for our nation.


Second: we need to stop carefree healthcare litigation. The real driver of the outrageous healthcare costs (that I’m afraid democrats will ignore in their efforts to nationalize healthcare) is litigation. Lawyers have absolved nearly everyone of personal responsibility, and there are no caps on “pain and suffering” (in addition to direct costs of malpractice). This just leads every citizen who partners with a lawyer to a “free for all.” They sue to get all they can … because they can. Because of this, every doctor prescribes extra (very often unnecessary) tests, to make sure all their bases are covered, because they are doctoring out of fear, instead of making a more reasoned diagnosis. The system now primes patients to pounce all over the doctors who are trying to help them. Doctors are trying to help and yet cowering under the threat of litigation has made US citizens ready to sue for a billion if their cancer cannon be cured! Have we forgot that we’re human? Have we forgot that we have the best healthcare system in the world? Yet, sometimes things just happen.


I propose we liberate our healthcare professionals from “doctoring by fear,” and lower healthcare costs by limiting that which strangles them! With a reduction in litigation, there will be a reduction of insurance costs for doctors, and lower healthcare costs for all. Please consider caps on litigation, and encouraging personal responsibility and preventive medicine.



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