Congressional Budget Office (non-partisan): There Are NO Savings

President Obama either has enormous stones, is “acting stupidly” with healthcare, or his is willfully ignorant, and trying to wish (and “hope”) the giant pile of ca-ca he calls “healthcare reform” to change into something workable. It’s not. ObamaCare is broke before it even gets out the door. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO, non-partisan) says so.

In a highly controversial move, Barack “its all about me” Obama invited CBO head’s over to his digs for some quality bonding time. (Read that Obama’s goons put CBO leaders in a headlock, gave them a noogie, and say “now who’s plan gives citizens every drop of healthcare they want for free? Hmmm?”) Thank God the CBO leaders didn’t cave. Zero’s schoolyard bullying tactics didn’t yield the CBO’s milk money; There are no savings. None.

Obama’s own budget from March is more than ambitious, it’s outrageous, and really impossible. Even the “Anointed One” couldn’t change this water into wine.

Against his utopian dreams, Barack sings, “Imagine,” while hoping these things will change from a giant pile of poo to diamonds (to be taxed at a confiscatory rate, of course). (from the White House OMB page, March 2009):

  • Invest in education and in our most precious resource—our people—through a major new commitment to early childhood education, scaling up innovative new programs in our schools, and opening up the doors to college; (can’t go wrong supporting the kids, except there are lots of countries around the world who are beating us in education at half the price. Maybe it’s the NEA?).
  • Invest in clean energy technologies like wind power and solar power, advanced biofuels, and fuel-efficient cars—investments that would help free us from foreign oil, create millions of jobs that pay well and can’t be outsourced, and make clean energy the profitable kind of energy; (“Cap and Trade” will not just hamstring us, it will cut our legs off. $20/gallon gas is “good for us” they say. Unless you like the idea of riding around in a wind-powered wheelchair, this idiotic legislation needs a “no” as well. The whole issue would be mostly solved if we’d build new nuclear plants across the nation) and 
  • Cut the deficit in half by 2013. (Considering Obama’s already jacked it up to four times (and climbing) any of Bush’s presidential years, I’d say this one’s a laughable “no go.”)
  • Invest in health care, since rising health care costs are a burden not only for the federal government but also for families, companies, and states; (CBO says this is impossible)

ObamaCare will remain “poo,” and you shouldn’t buy it, even when Democrats sprinkle it with cubic zirconium and tell you how it sparkles. Tell your Senators “the numbers don’t add up, and we mustn’t ram this awful, costly, and completely ineffective piece of legislation down our throats.” It’s not castor oil; it’s sulfuric acid.

Hot Air now reports in a great article entitled, “New Dem strategy on ObamaCare: Ignore the evidence and just trust us!”

After taking shots to the political solar plexus from the CBO on the costs of their health-care reform package, House Democrats have decided to drop the pretense of saving money through ObamaCare.  Instead, The Hill reports that Democrats will argue that the new health-care system will be so good, that it will be worth spending a lot more money on it


There is a better way that reforms healthcare while liberating us from Government shackles. That’s a health benefit that spills over into your whole life. From 

  1. Stop Paying the Crooks. First, we must dramatically reduce healthcare fraud within our current healthcare system. Outright fraud – criminal activity – accounts for as much as 10 percent of all healthcare spending. That is more than $200 billion every year. Medicare alone could account for as much as $40 billion a year. (Please visit for the information about our latest CHT Press book, Stop Paying the Crooks, edited by Jim Frogue.)
  2. Move from a Paper-based to an Electronic Health System. As it stands now, it is simply impossible to keep up with fraud in a paper-based system. An electronic system would free tens of billions of dollars to be spent on investing on the kind of modern system that will transform healthcare. In addition, it would dramatically increase our ability to eliminate costly medical errors and to accelerate the adoption of new solutions and breakthroughs.
  3. Tax Reform. The savings realized through very deliberately and very systematically eliminating fraud could be used to provide tax incentives and vouchers that would help cover those Americans who currently can’t afford coverage. In addition, we need to expand tax incentives for insurance provided by small employers and the self-employed. Finally, elimination of capital gains taxes for investments in health-solution companies can greatly impact the creation advancement of new solutions that create better health at lower cost.
  4. Create a Health-Based Health System. In essence, we must create a system that focuses on improving individual health. The best way to accomplish this is to find out what solutions are actually working today that save lives and save money and then design public policy to encourage their widespread adoption. For example, according to the Dartmouth Health Atlas, if the 6,000 hospitals in the country provided the same standard of care of the Intermountain or Mayo health clinics, Medicare alone would save 30 percent of total spending every year. We need to make best practices the minimum practice. We need the federal government and other healthcare stakeholders to consistently migrate to best practices that ensure quality, safety and better outcomes.
  5. Reform Our Health Justice System. Currently, the U.S. civil justice system is the most expensive in the world-about double the average cost in virtually every other industrialized nation. But for all of the money spent, our civil justice system neither effectively compensates persons injured from medical negligence nor encourages the elimination of medical errors. Because physicians fear malpractice suits, defensive medicine (redundant, wasteful treatment designed to avoid lawsuits, not treat the patient) has become pervasive. CHT is developing a number of bold health-justice reforms including a “safe harbor” for physicians who followed clinical best practices in the treatment of a patient. You can learn more at
  6. Invest in Scientific Research and Breakthroughs. We must accelerate and focus national efforts, re-engineer care delivery, and ultimately prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease and diabetes which are financially crippling our healthcare system.

The last thing we need is a healthcare plan that raises taxes and eliminates jobs.

I would also add a provision to bump illegals off the healthcare dole; we spend billions on free healthcare for uninsured illegal aliens every year. Let the government health system where they came from tackle their issues, we have too many healthcare problems of our own to be just giving it away free. But I digress.

Obama’s plan doesn’t work. No savings. And lets be straight: other provisions in the bill (dictatorial restrictions, actually) are downright evil, power grabs, and an attempt to manipulate not only what you receive in healthcare, but who you vote for, because once democrats have you corralled into their pen, are you really going to vote against the only pathetic healthcare scraps they toss your way?

Democrats cant be trusted with healthcare. Their motives are not out for your best interest.


Just say “no” to ObamaCare.

Here’s how:

You can always contact your representatives:

  • U.S. Capitol switchboard” 1-202-224-3121. Just ask for you senator or representative.
  • Write your representatives: You can get contact information here. By entering your zip code on the left side, and various contact information pops up. A hand written letter means much more than an email, and generally gets a paper letter response (even if it is a form letter).

Read up on the latest happenings that directly affect your life:

I always recommend contacting your local media (TV, radio, and even print or web media) about these issues.

And of course, Big O takes your comments (and promptly ignores them) here: President@WhiteHouse.Gov


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