So, Obama gets a Nobel Peace Prize

I have only one question:


He has NO real accomplishments,

except becoming the first black president of the United States.

Although that’s a notable accomplishment,

it hardly rises to the level of a Nobel Prize.

In fact, because of his lack of accomplishments,

giving Barack the Nobel Prize has greatly cheapened the prize itself.

The Nobel Prize is now nearly meaningless.

If you have ANY reason why Obama should receive this,

Please leave a comment below stating WHAT he has DONE to deserve it.


2 Responses to So, Obama gets a Nobel Peace Prize

  1. paul says:

    Like your site I come by every once in awhile it’s good keep it up .I just would like to say what i wrote about this to you .Are you suprised he got it? the Nobel price Is given by the Swiss which are foremost in science,literture,art,medicine ,education etc.But the Nobel Peace prize is given by Norway!It’s Parliment exactly ;which by what They proclaim is left wing liberal socialist, They say this ! Are you still suprised ?!

  2. donpaulpro says:

    He is a man of accomplishment. As far as the Nobel Peace Prize is concerned, the only things I can think that je has done to earn the prize is behind the scenes with the Euro powers that be.

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