All Crisis All the Time


I just can’t keep up.


Nearly every day a news item comes across my computer screen that makes me wonder, “When will the nation wake up and see they made a mistake in voting in a high-charisma, smooth-talking, feel-good president who has great intentions, but NO experience, and his futile attempts to make his utopian dreams happen in the real world actually translates into no workable ideas?” Seriously. I think that daily. I doubt we’ll wake up until a nuke hits a U.S. city. The zombie like trance on the Obamunists might take two.


I mean, take the last week or so:


  • Internet Control / Monitoring. Democratic Senate prepares to launch Senate Bills S773 and S778 which “would grant the White House sweeping new powers to access private online data, regulate the cybersecurity industry and even shut down Internet traffic during a declared ‘cyber emergency.‘” Now is this the change we voted for? Obama can chuck the constitutions right prohibiting searches of private property. “Vital security need” falls under the sole discretion of the President, so it really means “any time he wants to.” I’m sure vet’s, the NRA, churches, the RNC and other right leaning organizations are first on the list! I sure hope this doesn’t pass.
  • “Hate Crimes” legislation. House Resolution 1913. Of course, the real goal here is to stop Bible believers from publicly proclaiming what the bible says (about homosexuality), because preaching the truth might hurt sinners’ feelings. Guess what? ANY conviction of the Spirit is supposed to turn you lovingly in the right direction: the direction of life. Hey, Jesus loves you just the way you are, but He refuses to let you stay that way. Besides, ANY crime that happens certainly isn’t born out of “love.” This bill presumes to know what the perpetrators were thinking and it’s a ridiculous bill. Guess what Obama’s liberal judges will convict you of now? Anything they want to guess you were thinking. And you’ll get twice the sentence if it was a conservative thought, that’s for sure.
  • Obama’s Department of Education hides DC school voucher success, closes the program, and rewards the teachers’ unions support of nearly 56 million this last election. Wow, do I even need to comment on that? What a scam. Really flies in the face of his promise “you do what works for the kids.”
  • Obama specifically ordered the navy seals not to shoot, he wanted to vote “present” on this one, and not make a call of action. In fact, he wanted to negotiate with these high seas jihadists, he wanted to talk with terrorists. He wanted to give legitimacy to their tactic, and a spotlight on the world stage. Yet he claimed responsibility for the legal actions of the Bainbridge commander who actually gave the order. I admit “who gave the order” is a small issue compared to the extreme excellence demonstrated by our military. But it goes to the heart of our President and the enormous political posturing of Barack Obama. His actual vote: NOT present.
  • Janet Napolitano – the head of the Department of Homeland Security – says that returning vet’s are to be watched as potential terrorists. And anyone else that attended a “Tea Party” as well. An official DHS memo puts anyone who doesn’t agree with the Obama administration’s policies on notice. You don’t agree with giant government takeovers and humongous debt spending? You’re un-American and you’re on Big O’s “watch list.” Hey, it worked for Stalin.


There’s a few more from the last week, but these happen so frequently I just ended up deleting some of them. I’m going to do more of this. I’m sure I’ll be back in a week with a bigger list, because these gross offenses on our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness happen almost daily.


Talk to the media: radio, TV, and local internet sites.

You can always contact your representatives: U.S. Capitol switchboard: 1-202-224-3121.


Are we having fun yet? This is not the “change” I “hoped” for.



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