To HELLthcare in a Handbasket

March 8, 2010

The goal of the democrat’s plan is to totally dismantle the insurance business, and force all of us into the (yet to come) public option.

Maybe you missed this. I did until listening the radio today. Under the Senate plan that will probably go for a vote this week US Citizens will have to pay a fine of up to $5,000 for not having health insurance. Businesses with over 15 employees will have to pay up to $3,000 (I suppose that’s “per employee”) for the uninsured.

Considering that the Senate mandate is that insurance covers you no matter what the accident and no matter what pre-existing condition you might have … Why would ANYONE buy insurance? You pay your annual “fine” and get insurance when you have a sickness or injury. Employers won’t cover you; The fine is way cheaper than covering an employee. Except for the very healthy, it is more cost effective for EVERYONE to not pay for insurance, and then just get it when you have to.

Considering the caps that the Senate bill wants to put on insurance companies, and the fact that nearly everyone will NOT pay (or at least the SMART people will not pay) until they have to, AND that pretty much everything has to be covered no matter what … without a doubt this will bankrupt insurance companies. Which is exactly what Obama democrats want.

House leadership has hinted that passing the healthcare bill will be a “first step” and they will try to add a “public option” after it gets passed. And with the collapse of the insurance industry, we will all need it.

And just like that, government will be in charge of your healthcare. And we won’t have a competitive option to turn to regarding coverage OR costs. And the “magic healthcare” that the Senate bill is proposing (where EVERYTHING is covered for EVERYONE and the costs go DOWN) doesn’t exist.

And if you think that government healthcare will be different, then consider this: Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA are all government run healthcare institutions, and they routinely turn people down all the time. That, and they are shown to be 24% less efficient than similar private hospitals. Why should they try to save money? They don’t have to. They are propped up by your dollars and a promise from the government that they will always provide for the elderly, the poor, and our veterans.

But that’s an empty promise, because they system is bankrupt. Forcing TONS of people into a government program will make it MORE bankrupt, not less.

For now, we should stop this monster. Voice your opinions here:

  • Contact your congressperson. Another link is here. The Senate is done, right now the issue falls to the HOUSE and you should contact your representative, but it wouldn’t hurt to send a message to your Senators or the president himself: The capitol switchboard (ask for any legislator) is 1-202-224-3121
  • Tell others, don’t be shy. Use FaceBook, Twitter, or your own blog (and link to this if you’d like).
  • Contact the media (radio, TV, blogs) to let your voice be heard


This may be the point in America where a huge government takeover of 1/6th of the US economy drags us down into they abyss of socialist countries everywhere. Or it could be the point where we face reality, pay our bills (instead of increasing our debt ANOTHER 1.5 trillion), and use market driven systems to sharpen the greatest healthcare on earth into something that shines.

And when the dragon is slayed, consider the pro-citizen (as opposed to pro-government) ideas here:


Thank you for reading!

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Freedom and Healthcare

March 22, 2009

I have an acquaintance who is from Denmark, staying here with her family for a year. She was SO excited that Obama was elected, and she was SO excited at the prospect of socialized healthcare. She forwarded an email to me from her sister-in-law, an American who married a Dane and has been living in Denmark for 7 years. The story was about some medical condition that this woman went through, and she saw her doctor, and it didn’t “cost” her a cent. Neither did it require any paperwork. She was referred for physical therapy, and she went in, presented her Danish equivalent of a social(ist) security number, and again, no cost, no paperwork. After some time, the therapy wasn’t cutting it, and her doctor (at no cost) referred her to a surgeon, who – at “no cost” and no paperwork – did the surgery, and after 6 weeks of (paid??) leave, she went back to PT, free of cost, and got the health issue taken care of.


In essence, this acquaintance was extolling the virtues of socialized medicine, and inferring that she hopes the US will be there soon.


We are on great terms, and we love a good exchange, so I emailed her back. For your edification, and hopefully you’ll share this soon with others, I provide for you my response. [Slightly edited parts in brackets]. I welcome your comments too.


Paul Revere




Heh heh, about your sister-in-law’s letter….


Well, although I admit the system here in the US is definitely “out of whack”, I don’t think big government takeover is the right plan. Do you know the REASON healthcare costs and paperwork exist? It’s not because capitalism and the free market doesn’t work…


The primary reason we have the healthcare issues we do is because of LITIGATION. When someone goes skiing, smacks into a tree, becomes grossly incapacitated, and the doctor can’t “fix” the person back to 100% health, then the patient gets honked off, doesn’t take any personal responsibility, and sues the doctor (or hospital) for malpractice. Juries (another part of democracy) feel sorry for the incapacitated person, sees the men in suits (doctors, hospitals) and sees deep pockets ($$$), and awards the crazy skier 5 or 10 million for pain and suffering. The doctor’s (or hospital’s) malpractice insurance covers the bill, and insurance companies jack up their rates, and doctors and hospitals jack up their prices sky high to cover the costs.


The other thing that drives me nuts is the idea that “government is the answer.” President Gerald Ford said, “a government that’ big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take everything you have.” I realize you don’t have the background of a citizen raised in the United States, so perhaps the context of all this – and the reaction of conservatives in this country – is a little hard to fathom. After all, I’m sure in Denmark you’d run across an issue (not just healthcare) and you call up your friendly government representative and say, “what can we do about this?” And – because socialism in Denmark is so great – I’m sure that something productive happens from that. But you see, here is the difference:

We don’t function like that.


The United States – for several hundred years – (until recently) has thrived on something called “rugged individualism.” Individuals get an idea of how to solve a problem, providing for the needs of the community, and are encouraged to innovate to find the best solutions, and if they are successful, they are rewarded (monetarily) for that effort. As long as we’re not burdened by outrageous government regulations and taxes, more and more and more people get excited about solving problems on their own. It really creates a class of thinkers – movers and shakers – that believe that anything is possible. This is why millions of people immigrate to the US every year. With the exception of the huge Mexican immigration problem, most people do NOT come here because of our massive government social programs; they come here because of freedom and opportunity. And democrats (who employ socialist programs primarily) want to tax the successful to death, and spread the wealth around, and it is the antithesis to freedom.  (And as for the Mexican problem: if we cut off all free healthcare, schooling, welfare, and social programs for non-US (translation: illegal) residents, that would almost completely solve that problem; Heh heh, don’t tell me there’s no socialized medicine in the US: the Illegal Mexican immigrants take full advantage of it)!


The sad part, and this is really why I’m disappointed not just that a democrat was elected, but because Obama is the FARTHEST left Senator, with the MOST socialist ideas on how to solve the issues of our day: We have turned a corner away from “rugged individualism” and “I know I can do it” to “government nanny-ism” and “I hope government can do it.” I know that gets you totally excited, because now the US can join the ranks of the France, the UK, as a country that was once great, but has settled for mediocre. Have you heard of the progression of democracy? It goes like this:


From Bondage to Spiritual Faith
From Spiritual Faith to Great Courage
From Great Courage to Liberty
From Liberty to Abundance
From Abundance to Complacency
From Complacency to Apathy
From Apathy to Dependency
From Dependency back to Bondage


I think the United States is somewhere around “Apathy.”  Democrats want more and more government in our lives (which is great if you want socialism), and as more and more people find that the ONLY way they can operated is through a government system, then more and more people are on the government dole, or getting government support, or getting government sponsored healthcare, or government pensions, etc … then they essentially HAVE to vote for democrats (socialism) or they are cutting themselves off. This is the problem with the “two payer” system that some democrats are proposing (health care provided by employers, and government covering the unemployed or the young): Eventually, employers won’t be able to support it, and gradually everyone will slide over to the government system. That is only ONE example. And since a huge government will make it impossible for a private sector entrepreneur to survive, more and more people will just “give up” and start leaning on the government.


We saw that clearly in the first “town hall” meeting that Obama had: the woman who wanted him to give her a remodeled kitchen and a car, the guy who was in college and working at McDonalds and asked how Obama was going to give him a raise … every one of the questioners in the Obama-friendly audience was essentially saying, “how are you (the government) going to give me mine! I want mine!”  THESE ARE ANTI-AMERICAN THOUGHTS!  Really!!  An AMERICAN says, “I’m going to do it myself!”  I worked at a pizza joint AND did [another job] throughout college, and I never once thought of calling up my senator to ask how government was going to get me a raise. If you want a kitchen remodel, you get a second job, or lean on relatives, or (gasp) you do without!


One of the best (yet still imperfect) solutions to healthcare is the “loser pays” system of litigation. Then the idiot who pours 30 packets of creamer in his coffee at McDonalds and gets sick will think twice before suing McD’s for not having a warning label on the creamer. Same with healthcare, if an individual with poor teeth wants to sue the dentist because the abscess wasn’t solved the first time, then they will think twice.


I also favor (and you’ll get a kick out of this) a government cap on litigation. When a person who’s cancer surgery doesn’t stop the cancer, they’ll think twice about suing the doctor when they might only win 10,000 instead of 10 million. And they might actually lose, then perhaps they’ll just say, “Know what? I have cancer, and it sure is a bummer I can’t live forever.”


It’s about personal responsibility, and trial lawyers have absolved people of personal responsibility so that everything that happens to them is “not their fault.” Lawyers have absolutely devastated our country and hamstrung business & doctors, everywhere.


And one more thing that makes “government healthcare” an unthinkable plan is the costs. Except for the military, there is not ONE business in the United States that government does more efficiently than the private sector. Perhaps government healthcare in Denmark is great because Danish citizens are used to it. Socialism is a way of life there, so the system there has honed itself down to something that works pretty good.


[For this very reason I think that] democracy will not work in the long term in Iraq. Their citizens just don’t know how to function well with freedom.


And don’t even get me started on the costs of “free” healthcare; I’m sure the tax rates in Denmark are confiscatory. I found an article from a couple years ago, “High Income Taxes in Denmark Worsen Labor Shortage.” It said that taxes can reach upward of 63%. Doesn’t that bother you? Some Danes give 63% of their blood sweat and tears to government.  Wikipedia says even the poorest of the poor in Denmark pay almost 30%. That’s nuts. Here they pay nothing (in income tax). That doesn’t include the corporate tax (25%) or the sales tax (25%). If these stats are true – and I actually don’t place a lot of confidence in Wikipedia – Danes give most of their money to government. I just can’t believe it!


And Denmark is a monarchy; something else that US citizens fought so hard against after American colonists signed the “Declaration of Independence” in 1776. I’m sure a “top down” system is easier for those on “top” to manage. It’s the reason that people living under monarchies are called “subjects,” whereas people living under democracies are called “citizens.”


And since Denmark only has 5.5 million people (smaller than [most] states), a socialized system is much easier to work out.


But  for now – you’re dealing in the US with “individualists” (not socialists). We function with freedom. But, if you’d like to be encouraged with this: more and more people are giving up their freedoms here, and yielding personal initiative and responsibility to “what can the government do for me,” and it won’t be long before we slide into socialism.


I hope I’m not around to see it though, and I’m going to do everything I can to stop it in my time.


I always enjoy our exchanges. I’m sure you can sense my passion for the potential in the United States and our way of life, and I hope it wasn’t too overbearing.


Although I’m pretty sure I’m not going to change you, I LOVE being educated on other ways of life, and other ways of thinking, so I wholeheartedly welcome more in this avenue of though.



Paul Revere

Too Much To Tackle!

March 11, 2009

Now that day 50 of the ObamaNation has passed, there is so much being blasted through, I doubt we can digest it all until it gives us indigestion. Just the same, I offer you some antacid in the form of some brief commentary on a few of the articles of our time. These things could be devastating to our republic and freedom-loving people everywhere. Of course, the socialists in the White House and those who fawn over him (including the lamestream media), will swear that all these things are needed, or if Obama policy fails, that we just didn’t do more (with more of your money, and more irresponsible debt). Here we go:


Employee Free Choice Act, or “Card Check.”  This is far from “free choice.” It is so misnamed, because the net result of the passage of this bill would be to take away the private voting rights for union workers that are currently in place. Union bosses spent 61 million to elect Obama, and this is their payback. Yet taking the private vote away means only one thing: left leaning union bosses will use this to intimidate workers or potential workers and force them to cower under their liberal (and company killing) agenda. A survey shows that 77% of Democrats are against this! (and 88% republicans, 79% independents). Obama supporter Warren Buffet is against this! It’s not too late on this one! Please make sure our congress does what is right: (and give in to big labor strongarm tactics). You can sign the American Solutions petition here to voice your opposition, or contact your congresspeople, and local media (see below).


Ressurection of the “Fairness Doctrine.” (Article here) This is nothing but a democratic power grab, because conservative talk radio is thriving, making sense, and does a very effective job of making stupid liberal policies look bad. So they want a debate to defend their superior ideas, right? NO WAY! Because their socialist ideas have already been proven wrong time after time after time. And the liberal agenda is daily transcribed straight out of the White House anyway by the lamestream media. Good thing that Obama doesn’t support the Fairness Doctrine. I hope he has the guts to veto it – if it ever comes his way. This is not quite a killed deal. Senators have voted it down 87-11. Please weigh in with your rep’s, so they know you support free speech, and not government regulated speech. The Fairness Doctrine was formed in 1949 when there were limited media options, the FCC wanted to be sure that many voices were heard. There is no doubt that at this time we have the most media options in the history of the world, so the “un-Fairness Doctrine” (scrapped under Reagan for being unenforceable anyway), is just plain stupid. And lets not even get into the fact that liberals run 87% of the lamestream media. 6% are neutral, and the 7% that is conservative is absolutely thriving.


D.C. Voting Rights. Our founding fathers specifically set up the constitution so that those living in the seat of power (Washington D.C.) would not have undue sway over the politics of the nation. In essence, they wanted the living area of elected officials to be neutral. Currently this bill is bogged down because of an amendment. (Read more here). Would you please contact your congresspeople (below) to ensure that it doesn’t escape and accidentally get passed? This is an unconstitutional back door democrat power grab (since DC is heavily democratic). This would be a travesty, it really would!


Welfare Reform Revision. Bill Clinton did it right (yes, you’re not reading a typo). Clinton revised welfare during his time as president, most notably requiring welfare recipients to either work (some) or be looking for work. The compassOnate one has decided (through the Screw-u-lous Package) to reverse this: in these tough economic times, you can now sit on your butt and collect taxpayer money for nothin’. The key to turning our economy around is people working. Even Obama said the key is “jobs.” Yet providing a disincentive to work is anti-stimulus, and encourages more “couch sitting.” Welfare was always meant to be temporary; A momentary hand out / help up while you get back on your feet and get going again. It’s ridiculous to think that we can reward people for doing nothing and have a thriving economy. It’s too late for this one, but you could always call in your disagreement, or call your local congresspeople in your state to tell them you don’t want that policy implemented in your neck of the woods.


Overseas abortions. Hey, that’s what Americans voted for, right? Your taxpayer money now funds overseas abortions. Too late for this one, it was an executive order signed in his first week in office.


Federal Funding for Stem Cell Research. Yep, the big O reversed that one too. Mustn’t let all those millions of abortions go to waste now, right? It’s the plus side of killing the unborn, and you’re paying for it. That is what Americans voted for.


How about Terrorism? Go here for more.


Oh and one more side note, Obama signed a 410 Billion Dollar Omnibus Spending Bill today. That’s on top of the 787 Billion in the Screw-u-lous package. Wheee! We are merrily spending ourselves into a hole! Well, if you gotta go out – and that is what we’re doing – might as well go out in style: Hey Barack! Charge up a vacation for every American while you’re at it! Now that would get some support. “Free Vacations: Vote Democrat!”


I just can’t type fast enough to keep up with our slide into socialism. But I’m going to try, because I still believe in right and wrong.


You can always contact your representatives:

·         Call your representatives: U.S. Capitol switchboard: 1-202-224-3121.

·         Write your representatives. You can get contact information here by entering your zip code on the left side, and various contact information pops up.

Be sure to be firm and kind, so they hear you but don’t write you off.


And I always recommend contacting your local media (TV, radio, or even print media) about these issues.

Barney Frank Takes the Lead

February 23, 2009

(in total depravity)


WASHINGTON  – In national standings Barney Frank, driver of the number 77 NAMBLA – Che Guevara – Marxism – ACLU – Monte Carlo pulled into the lead. He said he owed his edge over any sane thinking drivers to his media pit crew: “Every time we got a little loose on the turns, I’d pull in, and the Communist National News and Almost Bolshevik Crew would bury the problems, fine tune my wheels of public perception, and they gave the dirtiest most twisted sounding engine nothing but a smooth purr over the airwaves, so the O – fans in the stands could still get a thrill. Now that’s ‘change I can believe in!’ ”


Frank held on in the standings despite a big push from Pelosi’s Number 0 –Total Pork – Socialism – San Fran Sellout – UnFairness Doctrine – Chevrolet. Her Mostly Senseless Now Boring Chatter crew made some last second muffler adjustments that kept her out of the limelight in the whiner’s circle. She’ll have to make some major adjustments, stay off the TV, and concentrate on sucking up to racing commissioner Barack Obama in order to improve her position. Bubba Clinton, long time Pelosi fan, said, “Y’all know the big O likes attention, and no one has the bigtime monster suck up power like Pelosi. I’m confident when Brown Nose adds their endorsement, she’ll have the extra dollars she needs to head back to the left coast with a fat pile of winnings in that giant beautiful Porkulus Cup”


Kommissioner Obama was aware of teams shifting money around, saying that if there was any hint of scandal, his VP of racing, Rahm Emanuel, would be sure to put good use to it. Fans praised Commissioner Obama last week for his bold move in collecting all their purses and wallets at the entrance gate, and then dumping the money onto the racetrack right at the start, allowing drivers to reach out their windows and make a mad grab for every scrap. Officials said that on the 500 lap race, all 50 drivers would have had to collect over 31 million, on every single lap, for the cash to not be squandered in the hands of the starving taxpaying fans that keep cheering them on. Commentators noted that it was highly unlikely we’d know where all the money really went, because a cash pile that size would just end up getting blown by the winds of change. Fans were only slightly disappointed at the prospect of not having the choice of buying their favorite caps, T-shirts, or autographed lug nuts, but hopes bolstered when Obama showed up on the jumbotron last week letting fans know they would soon get whatever they wanted. On a technical note, not one of the drivers and even commissioner Obama seemed to notice the fact that the fuel trucks hadn’t shown up, and cars on the track would soon be coasting to a stop. Over the P.A. at last week’s race, Obama said we needed to do the cash grab to keep the race going, yet he promised that each car experiencing a fuel starvation episode would be given it’s own personal tow truck to yank it around for the remaining laps. In order to finance the massive towing effort, insiders say that he might have to sell off the entire racing business. Yet B.O. said the cash dump was just a start. He said he hoped that the changes he hoped for would change things for the better, but he wasn’t quite sure.




(This article in response to the conservative email bit going around about how members of congress should have to wear their endorsements all over their jackets like NASCAR drivers. Photo credit goes to “TheRagingCapitalist.” I was also going to come up with a slick congressional twist acronym for N.A.S.C.A.R. but I didn’t want to insult … NASCAR drivers, crews, and fans).

An Open Letter to my Senators

February 10, 2009

Every news item I see makes this “stimulus package” seem more and more ridiculous. It is not government that powers the economy. Government doesn’t “make” anything, it is not a “producer.” It only confiscates and re-spends taxpayer energies (and money). The real economic driver in ANY nation is its businesses.


This bill is mostly a spending package. “Spending” is currently a more appropriate term than “stimulus”, because diving deep in debt to woo poor voters, and purchase pet projects  –  while stifling business  – is indeed the antithesis of “stimulus.”


There are some items of spending that might help the US in a small way: direct moneys to infrastructure (energy and transportation comes to mind). I could see that updating the power grid (and protecting against EMP attacks at the same time) as well as updating the air traffic control system, and road improvements could all be under this category.


But most of the spending (“stimulus”) bill is just plain “bringing home the bacon.” The bacon comes from further (astronomical) debt, which is no way to run a household or a country. It is flat out irresponsible.


To really stimulate the economy, you need to undo the shackles that bind companies and individuals from thriving.

  • First (before any of the following), you (and the rest of congress) needs to cinch up your belt, and start drastically cutting spending. Spending needs to be controlled more than anything, not “blowing the bank” like a teen with a platinum VISA.


  • Try reducing the payroll taxes. Then EVERY citizen takes home more money (and spends it, “stimulating” the economy)
  • Reduce the marginal tax rate from 25% to say 15%. When Reagan did this, money came streaming into the federal coffers, stimulating the economy (and of course his democratic congress offset that with an irresponsible spending spree, just like we appear to be doing now).
  • Reduce the business tax rate. This gets the economic wheels turning and “stimulates” the economy.
  • Institute State Fraud protection. There were so many stories of the government “bailout” of Hurricane Katrina victims where the money was completely wasted. Lets make sure this money is invested wisely.
  • Make serious efforts to break us from our foreign oil addiction. This is a national security boost as well. Invest in domestic oil and gas drilling, clean coal, ethanol, renewable resources, and new nuclear plants. It sets us free, reduces energy costs and stimulates the economy.
  • Abolish (or severely reduce) Capital Gains Taxes. If you want Americans to invest in America, give them a reason to invest in America.
  • Protect the union worker’s “secret ballot” voting. “Open ballot” voting really means, “union thuggery and intimidation voting.” It forces workers to cower to union bosses with antiquated ideas, and squashes innovation and new ideas about how to make union workers really thrive.
  • Abolish the death tax. This rolls money into the hands of the people who deserve it: those who actually inherit it! These people use it to build something – to “stimulate the economy.” This money doesn’t belong in Washington DC, where congress will use it to build more “bridges to nowhere” so they can claim they “brought home the bacon” to their state.

It should be noted that I don’t want you to bring home the bacon to our state. Honestly, every bit of spending in this crucial time could be considered a waste unless it directly does something that makes economic wheels turn. If our family were having a crisis, I would be OUTRAGED at one of my teens if they grabbed my credit card and charged up a big screen TV.  On the other hand, if they wanted a helping hand from dad to get a business going, showed a responsible, well thought out plan, and showed the initiative to accomplish goals, I might get behind that.  That is exactly where we are now. We have an American “family” crisis, and I don’t want you swiping my VISA and charging up big screen TV’s.


I want you to invest in what makes America work. Invest in business and economic drivers, and not in government projects.


Please, for the sake of the future of the United States of America,

Do the right thing, and consider heavily revising this spending bill to an actual “stimulus” bill.

Stop Senators from Squandering Your Money

February 6, 2009


The house passed a 800 billion “stimulus” (really subsidy) package. There are BILLIONS of YOUR dollars going to pet projects. Nancy Pelosi promised that she wouldn’t add pork to bills in this new “age of transparency.” Check it:

and then she promptly broke that promise. She’s included 227 million just for oversight of the pork projects (page 11 of the bill). In short: she lied.

Now that the bill is in the Senate, they’re piling on as well, and getting totally drunk with money – your money – that is supposed to jump start the economy.


Let’s not forget that we don’t really have the money¸ and all of this big government blowout is going to have to be accomplished with debt, and we will have to pay for it way beyond your lifetime, and it will weaken our dollar, etc. Obama promised us newfound ethics and transparency in government. This is really the most irresponsible congress ever. We’re in crisis for heaven’s sake! This is NOT the time to blow the bank, and for senators to “buy all the stuff we’ve ever wanted!”


This bill needs to be trimmed severely, or scrapped altogether.


Call you Senator. The capitol switchboard is 1-202-224-3121.


Tell them enough is enough.