Underwear Bomber / The Right Response

December 28, 2009

Regarding the Delta Flight 253 successful passenger response to a Muslim attempt to blow up a plane over the US on Christmas: I have little to add to the following common sense links, except our nation will probably not do the right thing – profiling certain Muslims – until a few thousand – or a few million American citizens die under the banner of politically IN-correct ideas.

Muslim TSA agent searches a nun. I wonder if the “underwear bomber” would get past her.



The Conservative Monster (Mike Gallagher) had this video from Live leak (cant embed it, sorry. Right click below and open in new tab):


And if there’s any doubt about the Muslim connection of this Doctor Detonator from Nigeria who got his explosives via Al Qaeda (Islamic) in terrorist hotspot Yemen (Islamic) who lived in London (becoming Islamic) … here’s some evidence. (click any of the below articles from Jihad Watch. For those of you who like multiple sources for confirmation, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch provides them in the articles):

And THIS is a sick twisted (yet expected) kicker from Barack Obama:

And Jasper Schuringa, the main passenger on Flight 253, is a hero because Homeland Security head Janet Nipolatano refuses to aknowledge the war that’s been declared against us, and Do The Right Thing about it.


Boneyard, and Relevance to Today

July 5, 2009

My mom sent me pics of the “Boneyard” at Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tuscon, AZ. The dry weather makes it a perfect place to store old aircraft.

My response to her follows:
I’ve seen Boneyard before.
Most of those planes were F4’s (vietnam era) and B-52’s (korea, vietnam).
I suppose technically, they could be returned to service (with a fair amount of help), but it’s unlikely …
these planes are technologically out of date, and would probably be much easier targets for our enemies (no radar deflection, slower turn rates, slower speeds, larger radar signature, less accurate navigation and targeting methods).
I’m not really concerned about the “millions” of dollars sitting on the ground;
in my estiamation that is one of the GOOD things our tax dollars pay for.
I wish Obama would quit funding deadbeats and bankers, and start fully funding a missile defense (which Obama has cut spending).
We’re really getting to be “sitting ducks” and we cant count on the (non-existent) goodwill of our (Islamic fundamentalist) enemies to not try to kill us; they will do it as soon as they’re ABLE (read that: as soon as we LET them).
Unfortunately, I think Obama WILL “let them.”
They think we’re suckers for letting our guard down,
and they’re right. The only thing that MIGHT wake us from our slumber is a sucker punch (a nuke in one or more of our cities).
I pray that God will deliver Obama from this type of “play nice-nice” ignorance that will certainly kill us (litterally).

History and Pictures of the “Boneyard” here: