Healthcare Facebookin’ with a Happy Socialist

October 17, 2009

This may shock you, but I have liberal friends. Extremely liberal friends too. This one is from Denmark, a country of 5.5 million that is probably the most socialist in Europe. And she’s just delighted that it is so. We have great friendly exchanges. I think she’s crazy; she thinks I’m nuts. Here is some dialogue off our FaceBook accounts.

First: She voted “yes” in the “Are you in favor of universal heathcare?” poll. You’ll laugh as I tell you that I checked “yes” too … I just don’t want government to do it. Then I commented on her post.

We already have universal health care. Ask any illegal alien receiving “servicios-gratis” in another one of the soon-to-be-shutdown bankrupt hospitals in Southern California.


39% yes, 16% no, 44% hell no. I would be ALL FOR IT if it was handled outside the inefficient, overbearing, nanny-state federal government. What if the hospitals that offered free service (not just ER visits) for low income / uninsured people got tax breaks? That’s ALMOST like “government run” healthcare, but without the top down bureaucratic madness inherent in any government system. Maybe hospitals and medical centers could COMPETE for these tax breaks, by serving a greater percentage of uninsured in the community … I see efficiency brewing!!

Second: She sent me an article about insurance reform, that I actually sympathized with. See? I’m not the cold “let ‘em die” Obama-opposer the liberal lamestream media would have you believe. I just don’t think that government should be in the healthcare business, except for a TINY bit of regulation.

That was a GREAT article, and really highlighted the strong need for insurance reform. See? I value “reform,” but I still don’t want “government healthcare.” Medicare, Medicaid and the VA are statistically much more wasteful than private systems. They don’t have to be efficient: they don’t have to, ‘cuz it’s just taxpayer money, and government takes care of it.
I think I would be open to more insurance regulation (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?) But we should START with “portability” and “individual” pools, and make them competitive over state lines (currently prohibited by the federal gov’t).
And let’s get real: if we STARTED years ago with “tort reform” we may not even be having this discussion!


Question on that last one: in Denmark, is there tort limits? Can a Danish citizen sue a doctor or hospital for millions in “pain and suffering” and a “lifetime of lost wages”?

She replied…

I think they can, but it has yet to happen. As a healthcare provider you are insured through your workplace or union, so we do not have to pay insurance against malpractice out of our own pocket, only if we work out side the system, in some kind of private facility.

And its my blog, I get to have the last word.

First: “It has yet to happen”? How come people who are the victims of gross negligence don’t seek redress (at least to have consequences for the provider that made the mistake)? Is it because the actually can’t? Second: How many people operate “outside” that socialized system? Very few, I’m sure.  I’m sure the Danish government makes it is WAY too expensive to thrive outside the government system. And that is where the government owns you. On that note, I came up with a new “rear window sign” idea:

I’m here to bring you hope!

But it’s gonna cost ya,

So give me your wallet.

Hope you have to pay dearly for is not hope;

it’s slavery painted as “good intentions.”


An Open Letter to My Senator on Healthcare

October 8, 2009

I admit that I’m a little harsh in this one, and in some spots I seem irreverent. But this could be the pivotal point in my life where I tell my kids “this is where it all went downhill.” And we have an opportunity to bring us back from the brink here, so I have to let it all out before the vote comes. May God help us all.

Dear Senators,

I am against this bill that’s being rushed to the Senate floor.

  • Government shouldn’t be in the business of directing healthcare for the nation. THAT IS NOT GOVERNMENT’S BUSINESS. There are MANY ways that “reform” can be handled by the private sector. See Bobby Jindal’s Washington Post article here.
  • 2/3 of doctors don’t support this bill. That should tell us something! The president’s photo op was a farce. This is NOT what is best for patients!! Yet democrats insist on pushing this bad legislation anyway? WHY IS THAT? Is it because you think you know better, and all of us plebeians are stupid? How arrogant. That is the only reason I can see for continuing to push this bill that it seems that most free thinking Americans don’t want: arrogance.
  • The “public option” is particularly nefarious. Good thing for you that big government also likes to keep our kids stupid in public schools. Anyone with 1/2 a brain knows that if a “public option” is in the mix, it will NOT have to truly compete with private options, but government subsidies will consistently undercut the private options until they are out of business. Not to mention all these “uninsured” will HAVE to chose the public plan (for economic reasons). There is NO WAY that Obama would let a “public system” fail. He has banked too much on that, and he WILL use my money to subsidize it, and cause the downfall of the entire free market American health care system. Which brings me to my next point:
  • Government systems suck. Not just the failed socialist examples of western Europe, but right here in America we have Medicare / Medicaid / VA … ALL of these are HUGE WASTERS of money, and every other day I see a new report on TV about the waste that goes on here. If Obama and democrats want us to believe in their system, they should start with these government systems that are in place now, and make them really attractive. As it is, they are an embarrassment, and it just PROVES THAT GOVERNMENT SYSTEMS DON’T WORK. At least they don’t work well. But – given your record – I’m fairly confident you’ll still try to push this “un-wellness” down our throats.
  • I love the idea of “universal care for all.” That is so utopian. We DO care here in America that much. But it will drag the quality of care down and push taxes way up. Obama wants quality care that is affordable for all. But when you add 30 million new “customers” and make co-payments really low, you will have a rush on the system that will crush us. It will crush us. There are free market solutions (such as tax incentives for clinics to cater to a certain percentage of uninsured) that will NOT crush us. And conservative ideas – that have so far been almost completely rejected by democrats – can be implemented gradually.
  • And we can’t just give healthcare to the world. Again, I am ashamed that democrats won’t put a line in the bill about “no healthcare for illegal immigrants.” We just cant give away healthcare to 12 million people. And Joe Wilson was right: Obama lied. Otherwise democrats would have put a line in the bill about it so Obama could be a man of his word.
  • Tort reform. You and your fellow democrats are just money whores on this one. 90% of trial lawyer candidate support goes to democrats, so you just wont cut off the hand that feeds you. Shame on you for sacrificing what is good for America for the good of your political career. Tort reform alone could be the one thing that drastically reduces prices for every single American, and makes all the other health care goals attainable, but democrats wont even put this one on the table. And I am ashamed of them for it. Here is my promise to you: if YOU introduce radical “Tort Reform” into the democrat’s idiotic plan, you will have my vote next election. Lawsuit caps will drastically lower insurance payouts, which lowers malpractice insurance for doctors everywhere, and lowers the cost for every single American. Oh, and this only will happen in a truly competitive market, so I’m sure if Obama has his way, he’ll make it impossible.
  • We cant pay for this. We don’t have the money. “Healthcare reform” as democrats have planned is a recovery killer. I will hold you personally responsible if you continue pushing it. It is IRRESPONSIBLE to blast all Americans with mammoth new taxes (which the CBO has said WILL happen under the democrat plan).

Democrats wonder why there is all this resistance out in America to their plan. It’s because we see through it, to the radical power grab that it actually is. This is not “healthcare reform;” it’s “life control.” The democrat healthcare plan is sick! I’ve read the bullet points, and I don’t think there is ANY redeeming value in it. If you think there IS, let’s introduce some individual points and not go all out to tuck all Americans under big governments regulatory wing. It’s un-American and wrong. This big plan as it is should quietly die.

Healthcare reform as a free market system costs almost nothing by comparison. All a conservative approach does is unshackle the system as it stands from the constraints that make it inefficient. Let’s see insurance become “individual,” “portable,” and able to be sold across state lines. Let’s see radical “tort reform.” Lets see a move to electronic records (and computerized searches for fraud, waste and duplication). Let’s use what works well in one state, and transplant that to another. Let’s stop healthcare for illegal immigrants except in the case of imminent life threatening situations. Let’s free up Americans to actually apply “choice and competition” and show the world a system that really works!

Please stop this nonsense!

Paul Revere

Two Out of Three Doctor’s Surveyed …

October 6, 2009

Do NOT Support Obamacare.

A picture’s worth a thousand words. I love this shot (from the NY Post). Obama’s staffers are handing out white lab coats to make the hand picked doctors who support Obamacare look more “doctor-ish” for the cameras. Does that make you want to get behind the monstrous takeover called Obamacare?

Doctor photo op

This should tell you almost everything you need to know:

  • Most docs are not supporting Obamacare (statistics below)
  • This whole “doctors on the white house lawn” thing was for show…
  • Because this huge government takeover of the most intimate part of your life (your health) is on it’s deathbed.

At this photo-op the president lied (again): “When you cut through all the noise and all the distractions that are out there, I think what’s most telling is that some of the people who are most supportive of reform are the very medical professionals who know the health-care system best.”

That is utter nonsense. The facts don’t support that lie. (According to an Investor’s Business Daily poll):

  • 2/3 of doctors are against Obamacare. That’s sixty-six percent, or rephrased, “two out of three doctors prefer freedom, choice, and competition” to the big government regulation socialist takeover of one sixth of the nation’s expenditures.
  • 45% would consider quitting if Obamacare passes. After all, since the free-market model will be replaced with a communist style democratic plan, doctors would probably be able to make the same money fixing up Harley’s.

The American Medical Association supports Obamacare. BUT 86% of doctors say that the AMA is now too political and out of touch with the doctors it represents. It figures AMA supports big-government takeover, they’d probably get a kickback.

Look, your health is your business. Discuss it with your doctor. Your health has to do with everything you do. Everything. It is not just that government will control and regulate 1/6th of the economy if the democrats have their way. They will be able to tell you how to live. Really. Right now your kids can’t go to school without proof that their vaccinations are up to date. Multiply that times 100 if Obamacare is in place. If the government controls your healthcare, they can tell you what jobs you can take, and under what circumstances. Sound far-fetched? What if the democrats apply health care tactics to another huge government takeover project: the environment. They could dictate that it is too hazardous for humans to be working on oilrigs, coalmines or nuclear reactors, and then they can regulate strict (unnecessary, or unreasonable) protections for workers that make producing energy too expensive for companies to produce those things on a cost effective basis to consumers. And if employees don’t comply with the government health-based mandates for those conditions: well, then they don’t get health insurance. Oh and if they don’t have health insurance, Obama’s going to charge them 2.5% of their income as a fine …unless you’re an illegal alien of course, in which case you get a pass and “free” healthcare.

Universal healthcare sounds great because we care that much. But if we do it with a big government takeover, you will regret it with your life.

Can we do it with American values under a free market system?

Yes we can!

The conservative alternative doesn’t require a 1,000 page pile of new regulation that has to be passed in the middle of the night when no one is looking. It’s so clean, honest, and good it can be proclaimed in the daylight. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has written an excellent piece in the Washington Post. It is the best, most concise version of free market, conservative ideas that will really work I’ve ever seen. This plan LIBERATES people from the shackles of government, giving them the individual benefits that come with that, and DOESN’T add the RESTRICTIVE shackles that democrats are saying is necessary to accomplish their power grab give you what you need what they know has never worked well in any country where its already been tried.

Read Bobby Jindal’s piece here.

Again, it’s excellent. He says that the democratic plan for healthcare is over (and you know it is, nearly no one wants it), and it’s time for conservatives of all colors to turn the corner, and go on the offensive with a clear presentation of plans that free people to enjoy better healthcare at lower costs and less government intrusion.

Contact your congress people, and tell them the giant socialist healthcare takeover is over. Send them a copy of Jindal’s piece. And – get this – we can institute these principles gradually, one at a time. I suggest we start with tort reform, and I suggest what Jindal didn’t in his piece: that we use healthcare principles that have worked well in some states, and transplant them to others that are floundering.

But you get the picture. It can be done, and it doesn’t have to be done all at once. Let them know you support a free market solution that liberates us, not shackles us, and one that actually works.

Once again, here’s your contact information:

  • Contact your representatives to put pressure on him to reject Obamacare and protect your individual liberties. Complete list of congress’ email and fax numbers here. Another “contact congress” option is here.  Make a call! The capitol switchboard is: 1-202-224-3121.
  • Let Obama know that you’re done with his plan, and it’s time to work with republicans (for real) and conservatives of all colors to make a change to “free market” solutions.
  • Contact the media (radio, TV, blogs) and help them know more.
  • Talk with your friends about the free market principles outlined in Jindal’s piece. Link it on your FaceBook.

I welcome your comments below as well.

Healthcare Reform Swirlies II

September 30, 2009

Here’s just some of the changes no one is hoping for:

Don’t let your rep’s pick you up, flip you over, and dunk your head in the bowl while telling you it’s “good for the country.”

Swirly guys

Tell them “NO!” to all these big-government schemes to dictate to you what you can’t have and how much more you’re going to pay for it anyway.

Johnny Isakson: “Americans Anxious About Healthcare Reform”

Complete list of congress’ email and fax numbers here.

Another “contact congress” option is here.





Healthcare Reform Swirlies

September 28, 2009

Here’s just some of the changes no one is hoping for:

Don’t let your rep’s pick you up, flip you over, and dunk your head in the bowl while telling you it’s “good for the country.”

Swirly guys

Tell them “NO!” to all these big-government schemes to dictate to you what you cant have and how much more you’re going to pay for it anyway.

Complete list of congress’ email and fax numbers here.

Another “contact congress” option is here.   Make your voice heard today.





Why Is No One (Except Obama) Defending This Healthcare Proposal?

August 12, 2009

Okay, in the last couple days, dissenters from the fascist takeover of healthcare have been called:

Lets not even get into the fact that CNN is using Communist Cuba as a model for what our healthcare should be.  This is too rich! I just can’t make this stuff up!

Now the point: Nearly no one is actually defending this crummy healthcare proposal! But if you are not for ObamaCare, then you are a Timothy McVeigh, KKK lovin’, Racist, Fifth column, astroturfin’, Anti-American, Birther!  How dare you speak against the “messiah,” when all he wants is what’s best for you him and the monolithic iron (curtain) fist of democrats everywhere. I have a real answer that works coming up.

Personally, I’m lovin’ it. This debate is what American is all about, until dissention against the Big O becomes de-facto “hate speech,” in which case you’ll be in the gulag, Siberia, (wait, that’s germany and Russia, where fascism already got a grip 70 years ago, instead you’ll be in) a comfy American prison.

Hey, one specific point on healthcare and the “public option” (read that Government program).

a Washington Post-ABC News poll of 1,001 adults in June that found that 83 percent were either “somewhat” or “very” satisfied with the care they receive and 81 percent felt the same way about their insurance. “These people have something to lose. If they think reform is going to actually make it worse for them, they get really scared.”

It is true that you can keep your healthcare if you like it, BUT two things about that:

  1. Since government (excuse me “public option”) healthcare is tied to the national treasury, it has the ability to subsidize the “public option” system with means they will always be able to undermine insurance companies. This means that as more and more employers find that the only system that makes sense economically for them is the “public ‘option,’” then one by one they will all slide over to the government system. This is a gradual government takeover. If there is a public option, there is no way that Obama would let it fall prey to capitalism. Some might say, “What is wrong with a government system?” First, it will be artificially economically the lowest, subsidized by you and I … we WILL pay more with a government system, even if other systems are an option, you will still pay for the “public option” in your taxes. But the real point is
  2. Government doesn’t care about you; they don’t have to. If an insurance company fails to serve their customers well, they will lose customers. Insurance companies have an incentive to do the best they can for you. Government doesn’t have that incentive. Government doesn’t even have to give you good care. The VA (a government system) costs 24% more than it’s private sector counterparts. Why would you want more of that? Which brings me to my next point, which defends insurance companies.

Our nation is NOT held “imprisoned” by insurance companies – as Obama said in New Hampshire today – but it’s that our current system in mired in a morass of litigation. Doctors pay huge amounts in malpractice insurance. Many doctors order more tests than they need to, just to cover their butts in the even that you’d want to sue them. Insurance companies are forced to pay more for service you receive at your doctor’s office, because he or she has to cover the costs of the malpractice insurance to stay in the business of giving you quality care and keeping you healthy. But for many, dear 80 year old Aunt Betty gets sick, and when the doctor can’t cure cancer, they sue. The idea is that it has to be someone’s fault. Which of course is not the case. Accidents happen. Stuff happens. And eventually, life ceases to happen. And we shouldn’t award a crying relative a couple million dollars because they refuse to believe it. So tell the masses: we could save billions by just limiting litigation. And that’s just one idea. There are more great free market ideas at .

One more thing, about “quality:” Obama himself admitted that government systems are inferior. This is classic:

And I like the US Post Office, and use them frequently. And I can’t believe our president used the slang term “dissin’” in a nationally televised healthcare town hall. I wouldn’t “diss” on the post office, and I’m surprised that Obama didn’t get the quick idea to subsidize the US Post office more, and put FedEx and UPS out of business. And SHOOT, I probably just gave him the idea. Look for a government takeover of all mail related services soon. Just like US car companies, and AIG, and Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. And expect that if this healthcare bill passes, it will become a wholly run de-facto Government system in just a few short years.

I love freedom of speech. Evil will oppose it (and don’t even get me started on Muslim attempts to criminalize the mention of “jihad” or our own defense department’s use of “man-caused disasters” instead of what they are: Islamic acts of terror). Evil always opposes free speech, because that’s when the truth comes out, and “the truth shall set you free.”

Use your free speech! Tell it like it is! Keep at it!

Too Much To Tackle!

March 11, 2009

Now that day 50 of the ObamaNation has passed, there is so much being blasted through, I doubt we can digest it all until it gives us indigestion. Just the same, I offer you some antacid in the form of some brief commentary on a few of the articles of our time. These things could be devastating to our republic and freedom-loving people everywhere. Of course, the socialists in the White House and those who fawn over him (including the lamestream media), will swear that all these things are needed, or if Obama policy fails, that we just didn’t do more (with more of your money, and more irresponsible debt). Here we go:


Employee Free Choice Act, or “Card Check.”  This is far from “free choice.” It is so misnamed, because the net result of the passage of this bill would be to take away the private voting rights for union workers that are currently in place. Union bosses spent 61 million to elect Obama, and this is their payback. Yet taking the private vote away means only one thing: left leaning union bosses will use this to intimidate workers or potential workers and force them to cower under their liberal (and company killing) agenda. A survey shows that 77% of Democrats are against this! (and 88% republicans, 79% independents). Obama supporter Warren Buffet is against this! It’s not too late on this one! Please make sure our congress does what is right: (and give in to big labor strongarm tactics). You can sign the American Solutions petition here to voice your opposition, or contact your congresspeople, and local media (see below).


Ressurection of the “Fairness Doctrine.” (Article here) This is nothing but a democratic power grab, because conservative talk radio is thriving, making sense, and does a very effective job of making stupid liberal policies look bad. So they want a debate to defend their superior ideas, right? NO WAY! Because their socialist ideas have already been proven wrong time after time after time. And the liberal agenda is daily transcribed straight out of the White House anyway by the lamestream media. Good thing that Obama doesn’t support the Fairness Doctrine. I hope he has the guts to veto it – if it ever comes his way. This is not quite a killed deal. Senators have voted it down 87-11. Please weigh in with your rep’s, so they know you support free speech, and not government regulated speech. The Fairness Doctrine was formed in 1949 when there were limited media options, the FCC wanted to be sure that many voices were heard. There is no doubt that at this time we have the most media options in the history of the world, so the “un-Fairness Doctrine” (scrapped under Reagan for being unenforceable anyway), is just plain stupid. And lets not even get into the fact that liberals run 87% of the lamestream media. 6% are neutral, and the 7% that is conservative is absolutely thriving.


D.C. Voting Rights. Our founding fathers specifically set up the constitution so that those living in the seat of power (Washington D.C.) would not have undue sway over the politics of the nation. In essence, they wanted the living area of elected officials to be neutral. Currently this bill is bogged down because of an amendment. (Read more here). Would you please contact your congresspeople (below) to ensure that it doesn’t escape and accidentally get passed? This is an unconstitutional back door democrat power grab (since DC is heavily democratic). This would be a travesty, it really would!


Welfare Reform Revision. Bill Clinton did it right (yes, you’re not reading a typo). Clinton revised welfare during his time as president, most notably requiring welfare recipients to either work (some) or be looking for work. The compassOnate one has decided (through the Screw-u-lous Package) to reverse this: in these tough economic times, you can now sit on your butt and collect taxpayer money for nothin’. The key to turning our economy around is people working. Even Obama said the key is “jobs.” Yet providing a disincentive to work is anti-stimulus, and encourages more “couch sitting.” Welfare was always meant to be temporary; A momentary hand out / help up while you get back on your feet and get going again. It’s ridiculous to think that we can reward people for doing nothing and have a thriving economy. It’s too late for this one, but you could always call in your disagreement, or call your local congresspeople in your state to tell them you don’t want that policy implemented in your neck of the woods.


Overseas abortions. Hey, that’s what Americans voted for, right? Your taxpayer money now funds overseas abortions. Too late for this one, it was an executive order signed in his first week in office.


Federal Funding for Stem Cell Research. Yep, the big O reversed that one too. Mustn’t let all those millions of abortions go to waste now, right? It’s the plus side of killing the unborn, and you’re paying for it. That is what Americans voted for.


How about Terrorism? Go here for more.


Oh and one more side note, Obama signed a 410 Billion Dollar Omnibus Spending Bill today. That’s on top of the 787 Billion in the Screw-u-lous package. Wheee! We are merrily spending ourselves into a hole! Well, if you gotta go out – and that is what we’re doing – might as well go out in style: Hey Barack! Charge up a vacation for every American while you’re at it! Now that would get some support. “Free Vacations: Vote Democrat!”


I just can’t type fast enough to keep up with our slide into socialism. But I’m going to try, because I still believe in right and wrong.


You can always contact your representatives:

·         Call your representatives: U.S. Capitol switchboard: 1-202-224-3121.

·         Write your representatives. You can get contact information here by entering your zip code on the left side, and various contact information pops up.

Be sure to be firm and kind, so they hear you but don’t write you off.


And I always recommend contacting your local media (TV, radio, or even print media) about these issues.